The Escapades of Debbie Dee: The Job Interview

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Our first adult comic! The Escapades of Debbie Dee: The Job Interview, is currently in production!

The Sensei is working diligently in the A.I. Dojo to bring you the first volume of this sexy, raucous, and often irreverent comedy production. Debbie Dee was inspired by the iconic Little Annie Fanny comics that were published in Playboy magazine from October 1962 to September 1988.

Debbie Dee comics are a humorous satire of contemporary American society and its sexual mores. Debby Dee, the title character, is a young, buxom young brunette woman who innocently finds herself nude in every episode. The series is notable for its use of A.I. generated images, beautiful color artwork and for being the first full-scale, multi-page comics feature from A.I. Sensei Productions.

Debbie Dee has no shortage of sexy friends, co-workers and acquaintances that seem to have a special talent for helping Debbie get into (and sometimes out of) some hilarious compromising situations.

Follow Debbie Dee in her first escapade, as she lands a big job interview for an intern position at the prestigious law firm Goodbody, Fairfield and Smith.

Character Profiles

Debbie Dee

Debbie Dee, called Dee Dee, or simply “D” by her friends. The guys call her “Double D”.

Debbie is the main character, and is just the sweetest girl you can imagine. Innocent in many ways, Debbie has the assets that catch the attention of every guy she meets, and some of the girls!

Dolly Dee, Debbie’s older sister.

Dolly is a social media influencer with over 3 million followers on FakeBook and Instagams. As you can imagine, Dolly is a little more worldly than her little sister Debbie.

Dolly Dee
Jasmine Carter (Jazz)

Jasmine Carter. Known by her friends as Jazz.

Jazz is Dolly Dee’s best friend, and business manager. You could say that Jazz has a head for business.

Other Characters

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Danny Dee

Danny Dee is Debbie’s older brother and protector. He is quite the ladies man.

Surfing isn’t the only thing Danny Boy likes to do at the beach!

Dave Dee

Dave Dee is Debbie’s father. Dave is not too thrilled with the idea of Debbie’s job interview.

Find out why, in Volume 01 of The Escapades of Debbie Dee: The Job Interview, coming soon!

Dorothy Dee, Esq.

Meet Dorothy Dee, Esq. Dorothy is Debbie Dee’s Mom.

Dorothy is a Senior Partner at Baxter, Montgomery & Dee, a rival law firm of Goodbody, Fairfield & Smith.

What does Mom think about Debbie interviewing with the competition?

Janice Goodbody, Esq.

Meet Janice Goodbody, Esq., Senior Partner and Lead Council at the law firm of Goodbody, Fairfield & Smith.

Find out how Janice got to be Senior Partner, in The Escapades of Debby Dee: The Job Interview, coming soon!

Mia Delgado

Meet Mia Delgado. Step-sister to Jasmine Carter. Mia isĀ  younger than Jasmine, but WAY more experienced!

And that’s saying a lot.

Darnell Fairfield, Esq.

Meet Darnell Fairfield, a Senior Partner at the law firm of Goodbody, Fairfield & Smith.

Known as “Rip” by his college football teammates, Darnell didn’t earn that nickname on the football field!

Pam Turner

Pam is the Executive Secretary at Goodbody, Fairfield & Smith. You want to speak to one of the Partners on nonbillable time? You’ve got to get past Pam first.

You wanna know what keeps this law firm solvent? You’re lookin’ at her, pal.

Pam knows where ALL the bodies are buried.

William Smith, Esq.

Ah, what can we say about William (Bill) Smith? Bill is a Senior Partner at the law firm of Goodbody, Fairfield & Smith, and he is as boring as his name. But Bill has a secret.

Find out more in The Escapades of Debbie Dee: The Job Interview, coming soon!

William Smith Jr., Esq.

The only reason Billy Boy has a job at Goodbody, Fairfield & Smith, is because of Daddy. Billy spends most of his day trying to avoid doing real work. Will Debbie be the one to expose Billy for the nitwit that he is?

I’ve got a feeling everybody already knows.

Andre "Dre" Fairfield

Meet Andre “Dre” Fairfield, the manager of the mail room at Goodbody, Fairfield & Smith.

You think his last name might have anything to do with him landing that job?

Liv "Livvy" Sorenson

Hi, Livvy!

Liv has a Swedish accent, and she speaks multiple languages.

At Goodbody, Fairfield & Smith, she puts her linguistic skills to good use!

Terence "Mr. T" Jackson

Called “Mr. T” by everyone who knows him, Terence is the Head Custodian at Goodbody, Fairfield & Smith. Terence doesn’t like that title. He wishes you’d just call him the janitor.

If you need advice, Terence is the guy to talk to.

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