About A.I. Sensei

Who is A.I. Sensei?

As a young man, the Sensei entered college to learn traditional art techniques (pencil, watercolor and oil painting). Early on, he switched gears and earned a B.A. in Mathematics.

After a long career in the I.T. industry, the Sensei began doing freelance work in multimedia training and web development. Now retired from the I.T. industry, the Sensei is currently a Web Development Consultant.

The Sensei is now on an endless journey for knowledge about this new technology we call A.I. Art. Like traditional art, there are many different disciplines. The Sensei hopes he has time to explore them all.

How Did the Sensei Become Interested in A.I. Art?

With his background in software development, and his knowledge of computer hardware and software, the Sensei felt very comfortable stepping into a world where a computer became his brush … and the A.I. software, his technique. The more he learns of this phenomenon called A.I. Art, the more passionate he becomes about it.

Shown here are some of the Sensei’s early works, generated with various A.I. tools, such as PromptHunt, BlueWillow and Mage, among others.

A.I. Evolution

The Sensei was intrigued. He learned about a software tool called Automatic1111, which runs on a PC, rather than a website or a discord server. The Sensei found that the freedom of expression available with this tool was unmatched by others. The Sensei soon discovered extensions, Lora files, and countless checkpoints (A.I. models) that can be used to generate any style of art desired.

The exploration of different art styles led to the discovery of A.I. Art styles in 3D, Niji, Watercolor, RPG and Photorealism, just to name a few.

Shown here is a wide variety of the different A.I. Art styles produced by the Sensei.

With Good Company, No Road is Long

Soon, the Sensei discovered an entire A.I. Art ecosystem on social media. The Sensei’s skills gradually improved, while learning more and more about Niji, 3D and Photorealism.

Due in part to the generosity of others, willing to share their knowledge thru YouTube and FaceBook, the Sensei gained enough experience that it was time to start his own journey into social media.

Shown here are more examples of the A.I. Art generated by the Sensei as his knowledge increased.

Social Media

The A.I. Sensei FaceBook page was launched on April 19, 2023. Gaining followers was slow at first. The sheer volume of A.I. Art on the web made it very difficult at first to gain followers. The Sensei continues to learn.

Shown here are some examples of the Tribute images the Sensei created in honor of his followers.

For the Love of Comics!

Ever since he was a child, the Sensei had a voracious appetite for comic books. Marvel Comics were his favorite. The young Sensei would spend hours drawing his favorite characters, especially Silver Surfer, Hulk and Spiderman.

His love for comics would bear fruit in the A.I. world. Recently, the Sensei generated some images of another of his favorite characters, Vampirella.

The Sensei also discovered Wuxia (a genre of Chinese fiction about martial arts heros). Shown here is a Vampirella cover, and some of the Wuxia Dragon Slayer comic book covers created by the Sensei.

Coming Soon!

The Sensei’s first comic, titled The Escapades of Debbie Dee: The Job Interview, is currently in production!

Visit our Image Gallery, where you can filter the gallery images by character.

Volume 01 of Debbie Dee will be available in our online store.

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